Informatik Image Markup  v.2 77

Informatik Image Markup allows you to change and edit graphics files such as single or multipage TIFF, or JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

Image Markup Tool  v.

Developed by the University of Victoria's Humanities Computing and Media Centre in Canada, Image Markup Tool is an open-source software utility for describing different elements present in an image using XML.


Gerolf Markup Shredder  v.0.02a

Gerolf Markup Shredder (GMS) is a parser for text files using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). With the help of the old-and-stable TeX typesetting engine, GMS can produce high-quality Portable Document Files (PDF) as output. Markup Shredder,

Informatik Markup  v.7.5

Informatik Markup allows you to mark up your scanned documents. Options and features include: drawing such as freehand, lines, arrows, shapes, path lines, bullets; highlighting text in any color or by inverting; redactions in black or white;

MarkUp Tools  v.2.1.219

MarkUp Tools was designed with two fundamental features that we believe qualify it as a productivity tool: easy to use interface, singular functionality (marking documents).MarkUp Tools enables you to add marks, images, comments,

Markup PDF  v.2.60

Markup PDF (PDF Editor) is an easy-to-use application designed for users familiar with Microsoft Office and similar applications.

DWG Markup 2009  v.3.21

A lite and fast dwg viewer, with it you can browse, view, markup, print and batch print DWG, DXF and DWF files.

Convert Script to Markup Code  v.2.7.1

Convert Script to Markup Code allows you to easily convert your AppleScripts into either HTML, BBCode (the HTML-like code used on many BBS including the MacScripter BBS--a great resource, by the way), or the new AppleScript URL protocol and place the

Annotated Gel Markup Language Project  v.1.0

Annotated Gel Markup Language is a simple markup language that is being proposed to markup data obtained by 2D gel electrophorosis.

Chemical Markup Language  v.5.4.2.b1

The development and curation of a range of XML-based toolsfor using Chemical Markup Language (CML), includingXSD XML Schemas for validation, datatyping and constraining CML documents and XSLT Stylesheets for transforming, filtering and rendering.

Conflict Resolution Markup Language  v.51

CRML - Conflict Resolution Markup Language - http://www.

ELML - eLesson Markup Language  v.8.00

eLML (eLesson Markup Language) is an XML framework for creating structured eLessons based on a pedagogical model.

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